Affordable Marijuana License Leaflets: Florida Medical Marijuana Update

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Another slow week after the torrent of bills, laws, updates, lawsuits, and rule changes of the past year. There is a new official website for the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use:

It looks like medical marijuana in Florida is maturing and the industry is growing rapidly and competition to dominate the market is in full swing. There are now 218,490 active patients and 2,245 qualified physicians. Almost 10,000 new patients are signing up each week. On average 1 new dispensary is approved every week. But also consider that currently 5 business run 82% of the dispensaries in the state and that 5 new businesses were just approved by the State and you can get a sense of just how quickly things are changing. So you can see why it’s a good idea to stay abreast of the industry so when there’s a new competitor or law you’re not paying too much or wasting your time.

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