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Medical marijuana regulations are a mess.

From a recent article on

“Raspanti said patients legally using medical marijuana should carry proof of their prescriptions with them.

“If you have the bottle full of marijuana that’s prescribed, that could help you later possibly,” Raspanti said. “But if you have the marijuana, and don’t have the bottle with you, you will more surely be arrested. So, have the prescription bottle with you if you’re travelling around.”

Of course we don’t want dangerously impaired people driving and injuring themselves and others. But what is the “legal limit”? What about patients who use regularly but haven’t taken it right before driving, they will still show positive for marijuana use for weeks afterward, how are you going to prove they were impaired by it during that specific period? There’s not a lot of good answers because of the Federal ban on studying marijuana and they seem content to leave it that way while people get sick and die.

It basically comes down to, “You’re taking a big risk by using prescribed medication, as it could be used against you for any number of reasons. So you have to choose.”

This is going to discourage the legal market while diverting money back to the illegal sellers. This is going to discourage people from trying a medication that could change their lives for the better. This is going to give law enforcement a gray area that can be used against people they don’t like.

This is unacceptable.

State’s rights are great and all, but patients and businesses need certainty. They need to know what things will cost and how they can handle them without going to jail. If 50 states have 50 different laws The only way to ensure that kind of uniformity is with federal law.

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