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Yet another example of why letting the market decide health care options is not the best choice: Medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts say product variety dwindling as stores begin selling to recreational customers

Under sensible government, with some sort of public option or medicare for all and fully legalized medical marijuana, there would be many more options for patients of different means. The federal ban on marijuana combined with the lack of affordable health care means medical marijuana is mostly reserved for the well-to-do, while those with less resources are left with the scraps. Of course, this isn’t just the case with medical marijuana, but basically every health care service in the United States. There is no justification for letting people suffer and die over a few dollars and make no mistake, that is what is happening. Don’t even consider the fact that those without healthcare put off their problems until they can no longer be ignored and end up in the emergency room, costing all of us more in the end than if we had managed to guarantee public healthcare. If you were mugged or fell ill and lost your wallet in a foreign country, wouldn’t you want to be taken care of, despite not being a citizen or being able to prove your identity? The only requirement for healthcare should be being human, as we will ALL need a doctor at some point, it’s just a question of when and it will never be when it’s most convenient for you. Profit and healthcare do not mix, as it will always be cheaper to deny care then provide it and for profit companies will always act in the interest of their shareholders, not their customers.

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