Highest Quality Medical Marijuana
We're proud to be one of only a few independent licensed producers
Large Selection of Strains
We are constantly releasing new strains and fresh lots
Lab Tested & Quality Assured
No harsh chemicals or foliar sprays used in our facility

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About Emed Primary Care & Walk in Clinic Jacksonville

At Emed Primary Care & Walk in Clinic our mission is to provide state-of-the art medical care to the community by fully-utilizing compassion, medical knowledge, and technology to ensure efficiency and affordability for each patient. We try to ensure that each patient receives the precise attention, service and care in each of their visit

Our highly trained medical staff and physicians work together to create warm environment for every individual during their visit. Our goals go beyond the ordinary. We don’t just strive to provide every patient with adequate service; we strive to build long lasting relationships. Emed Primary Care & Walk in Clinic is not just a clinic, it’s a place you can call home.


Our vision is to provide high quality primary health care to the community residents who do not have a Pain Clinic  or want to see one immediately. We strive to be the primary go-to pain clinic for your every need.  We want our patients to feel comfortable and good as if they were in their home!

Our goals are simple and we strive for them every day. We want Emed Primary Care & Walk in Clinic to be the first option you choose for any medical related service you need. We provide you with medically trained  professionals, great service, various clinical departments that stretch beyond any other and our word to provide you the right treatment.


Our values are concise in every department. We value the patient, its families and their health just as we are to care for our own family. Below is a list of what we value as a company and with patients.

  • Leadership – We help guide you to the best path
  • Quality – We help provide and maintain quality service to all our patients
  • Efficiency  – We are prepared for any type of circumstances
  • Respect – We provide every individual with respect
  • Financial –  We provide financial assistance to every patient
  • Passion – Everything we do, we always do it with passion
  • Diversity – We open our doors to anyone in need of medical assistance
  • Integrity – We give you our word for anything we do
  • Teamwork – Together we make the dream work

Our Office

Location – Emed is centrally located in Jacksonville, Florida in the heart of St. Nicholas next to Havana Jax Café. Get directions here

Office Setting – Over 50 exam rooms outfitted with the latest state-of the-art technology and medical equipment. We have ample seating, comfortable waiting area, and a Café for your convenience.

Electronic Medical Records – Emed uses E Clinical Works for Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records.  This allows for a higher standard of care and maintains consistent record keeping and retrieval for increased patient convenience.

Bilingual Staff  – Se Habla Español. Emed embraces challenges that are inherent in treating multiple cultures. We always find a way to better assist you.

On-site X-Ray – Digital on-site X-Rays provide those in need of a one-stop visit.  Additionally, we can even send the results electronically to specialists if needed. “When you fall, Emed  has it all.”

On-site Labs – We provide service to patients in an effort to increase convenience and medical compliance with recommendations for care. Many of our labs are instant which allows for a speedy and accurate diagnosis.

Walk-In Appointments Welcomed – While Emed offers the ability to make a scheduled appointment, it also grants the convenience of being able to walk-in to see a doctor without an appointment.


Emed Primary Care & Walk in Clinic utilizes eClinical Works , the latest in Electronic Medical Records technology. eClinical Works is our software vendor and  helps us deliver superior service to our patients. Every piece of information is entered, tracked, and saved electronically, from the time a patient checks into the medical center until they check out. This helps prevent loss of charts and important patient information. It also gives the physician the ability to reference to past medical history.

Finally we also have the latest X-Ray and lab works technology that accurately reports results quickly. This ensures that direct measures and steps are taken  to give the patient the right treatment. Our technology is always up-to-date for the convenience of our patients.

AccountingAngie Jordan(904) 586-0060802
BillingLaVanda Hayward(904) 677-3342154
CredentialingVivan(904) 586-0041207
I.T.Julius(904) 677-3344900
Medication Prior AuthorizationsEdrin Gonzalez(904) 677-3339651
Pain ManagementAlexandra Ray(904) 677-3340902
ReferralsYaritza Rivera(904)  677-3338851
AppointmentsChristina Wood(904) 586-0031103

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